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Staff and Appointed Officers


South Carolina United FC Staff and Appointed Officers




Chief Executive Officer Ron Tryon Ron Tryon
Director of Soccer Operations Tripp Miller Tripp Miller
Director of Player Development Lee Morris Lee Morris
Director of Competitive Soccer Rob Strickland Rob Strickland
Co-Directors of Boys Competitive Soccer Dick Hiller Dick Hiller
Adrian Pinasco Adrian Pinasco
Co-Directors of Girls Competitive Soccer Tomasz Kluszczynski Tomasz Kluszczynski
Phil Savitz Phil Savitz
Director of Foundations 8U-9U Jamie McClendon Jamie McClendon
Recreational Soccer Director Tripp Miller Tripp Miller
Registrar (registration and billing) Elaine Simpson Elaine Simpson
Team Support Administrator Lisa Stevens Lisa Stevens
Website Administrator Lisa Stevens Lisa Stevens
Assistant Treasurer Sonja Burrows Sonja Burrows
Strikers Program Ken Corning Ken Corning
Tournaments Director Elaine Simpson Elaine Simpson
SpiritWear Marketing and Sales Cristel Collins Cristel Collins
Facilities Usage Manager Dennis Cook Dennis Cook



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