2008-2009 Select Coaching Assignments

Consistent with our Select Soccer Programs mission and values <click here>, Columbia United FC announces its projected Select U13 through U18 coaching assignments for the 2008-2009 season (subject to further adjustment and additional teams, if deemed necessary by the Directors of Soccer).



U18 Teams

90 Boys Elite Thad Miller, USSF B 90 Girls Elite Heather Frederick, USSF B
90 Boys Palmetto Jovan Brdarski, USSF B
90 Boys Crescent Todd Woodward, USSF D

U17 Teams

91 Boys Elite Rob Strickland, USSF A 91 Girls Elite Tripp Miller, USSF B
91 Boys Palmetto Matt Barry, USSF B 91 Girls Palmetto Matt Barry, USSF B
91 Boys Crescent I Denny Sago, USSF C 91 Girls Crescent Tony King, USSF D
91 Boys Crescent II Jamie McClendon, USSF B

U16 Teams

92 Boys Elite Adrian Pinasco, USSF B 92 Girls Elite Chris Fryland, USSF A
92 Boys Palmetto Dick Hiller, USSF A 92 Girls Palmetto Paul Armstrong, USSF B
92 Boys Crescent Dylan Curtis, USSF D* 92 Girls Crescent Brad Harman, USSF C

U15 Teams

93 Boys Elite Rob Strickland, USSF A 93 Girls Elite Phil Savitz, USSF A
93 Boys Palmetto Tomasz Kluszczynski,USSF B* 93 Girls Palmetto Bob Szadek, USSF C
93 Boys Crescent I Brad Harman, USSF C
Joel Smith (Asst), USSF D
93 Girls Crescent Tony King, USSF D
93 Boys Crescent II Sam Masone, USSF D

U14 Teams

94 Boys Elite Dick Hiller, USSF A 94 Girls Elite Jamie McClendon, USSF B
94 Boys Palmetto Denny Sago, USSF C 94 Girls Palmetto Paul Armstrong, USSF B
94 Boys Crescent Thad Miller, USSF B
Rob Lapin (Asst), USSF D
94 Girls Crescent Tripp Miller, USSF B

U13 Teams

95 Boys Elite Greg Vallee, USSF A 95 Girls Elite Tomasz Kluszczynski,USSF B*
Joel Smith (Asst), USSF D
95 Boys Palmetto Jody McArthur, USSF B* 95 Girls Palmetto Ralph Garofano, USSF C
95 Boys Crescent Rob Strickland, USSF A
Brandon Brashier, USSF D
* Licensure pending for summer 2008

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