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2018-19 13U-19U Competitive Rosters

2000/01 Girls

2000/01 Boys

2002 Girls

2002 Boys

2003 Girls

2003 Boys

2004 Girls

2004 Boys

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2005 Boys

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Documents and Information

Registration Procedures and Tryout Information

Every player who seeks to be placed on a South Carolina United FC team must complete an online evaluation registration and pay the evaluation fee. 

  1. Parents are encouraged to pre-register their...

Notification of Team Selection and Procedures

Players will be contacted by a coach to notify of them of their team placement after tryouts. 

Boys Competitive Rosters invitations will be sent out after 5 pm on Saturday, May 26 and Boys Rosters...

Registration Agreements

Birth Year Age Group Chart

Birth Year 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20 2020-21 2021-22 2022-23
2015             8U
2014           8U 9U
2013         8U 9U 10U
2012       8U 9U 10U 11U
2011     8U 9U 10U 11U 12U
2010   8U 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U
2009 8U 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U
2008 9U 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U 15U
2007 10U 11U 12U 13U 14U 15U 16U
2006 11U 12U 13U 14U 15U 16U 17U
2005 12U 13U 14U 15U 16U 17U 18U
2004 13U 14U 15U 16U 17U 18U 19U
2003 14U 15U 16U 17U 18U 19U  
2002 15U 16U 17U 18U 19U    
2001 16U 17U 18U 19U      
2000 17U 18U 19U        
1999 18U 19U          
1998* 19U            

*Note:  For the 2016-17 season, the 1998 Age Group will also include players born from August 1, 1997-December 31, 1997.


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Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo

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Under Armour

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