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German Exchange Program

The Columbia United 91 Elite Girls team hosted 1FFC Montabaur, a German U16 Girls team, for a 10-day Cultural Exchange Program, culminating with Sir Alfred Mueller’s Cup that was played Tuesday evening, October 16.  Our girls were victorious in a tough-fought 2-1 win in overtime.
The Sir Alfred Mueller’s Cup began in 2004 with the first exchange visit and a cup match between our American team and the German team.  In 2004 and 2005, the Germans reigned victorious and retained the cup in Germany.  In 2006 however, Columbia United FC won the match and brought the cup back home with them to the USA.  With our win the cup will stay in the US for one more year!
You, too, could one day be a part of this Cultural Exchange Program that Columbia United FC has established!


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