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2016 ASI Rules & Regulations

The South Carolina High School League rules pertaining to soccer will govern play in this tournament:  

  1. All matches will be 80 minutes (two 40 minute halves) with a 10 minute halftime.
  2. Home teams will wear light colors and be listed first in the schedule. Visiting teams are listed second on the schedule and will wear dark colors. Bring both sets of uniforms to each game. The Home team will be responsible for supplying match balls.
  3. If the match is tied at the end of regulation, there will be no extra time period. Penalty kicks will not be played in the group stages or consolation matches but will be in the semifinals and finals.
  4. Any player disqualified (soft red or straight red) from a match must sit out the next match.

Points System

  • Each team will receive 6 points for a win.
  • Each team will receive 3 point for a tie.
  • Each team will receive 0 points for a loss
  • Each team will receive 1 point for a shutout
  • Each team will receive 1 point for a goal, up to 3


Tie Breakers

  1. If teams are tied in points, the first tie breaker will be head to head.
  2. If teams remain tied after head to head, the tie breaker will be goal differential.
    1. Goal differential can be no higher than plus 3 for a match and no lower than minus 3 in a match.
  3. If teams remain tied after goal differential, the tie breaker will become goals allowed.
  4. If teams remain tied after goals allowed, the tie breaker will become goals scored.
  5. If teams remain tied after all tie breakers, winner will be decided by a coin flip.


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