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95 Elite Girls are Adidas Labor Day Shootout Champs!

Columbia United FC 95 Girls Elite traveled to Greensboro, NC for the Adidas Labor Day Shootout on September 1 - 2, 2007.  The first game of the tournament was against the home team from Greensboro Soccer Club which resulted in a 8 -1 win.  The next game on Saturday was against FCCA U13 Girls.  This game was quite a challenge and ended in a 1 -1 tie.  Columbia United was then announced as being in first place for their group.

Sunday morning came with its own set of challenges as well.  Columbia United competed against the number two team from Group B which resulted in yet another  3-1 victory for the girls.  As Coach Greg Vallee told them they had achieved the difficult and now must move into the impossible for the championship;  The team’s response:  "Impossible is Nothing!"  In a tough match up against FCCA, Columbia United endured through 60 minutes of regular play to find themselves in a 1 -1 tie.  Two - five minute sudden death overtimes also left the teams evenly matched at 1 -1.  The teams lined up for the penalty kicks showing as much determination as ever.  After five penalty kicks, the teams were tied with four PKs each.  Sudden death came into action and Columbia United proved that the Impossible is Nothing

Congratulations, Columbia United 95 Girls Elite for being the 2007 Adidas Labor Day Shootout U13 Champions!

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