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Age Specific Practice Games

Fun games and Best Practises aimed at age groups U4 all the way up to adults. 

Goalkeeper Drills

Goalkeeping 1v1 Game

Roundabout Drill Keepers v Field Players


U4 - U8 Games

Obstacle Course U4 - U8 session, working on passing, receiving and motor skills.

Fun with the parents U4 - U8 session incorporating help from parents, working on passing, receiving and motor skills.

Numbers Game U4 - Adult session, fun for all ages, dribbling and shooting game, incorporate passing at older ages.

The Great Escape U4 - U10 Dribbling and defending game.

Dot To Dot U4 - U8 Dribbling and passing game

Continuous Shooting U4 - U10 Shooting game 

Hungry Hippos U4 - U10 game, working on running with ball & close control. 

Gatecrashers U4 - U10 game, working on dribbling and running with the ball. Older ones can work in pairs & work at passing too. 

Bingo U4-U8 fun game working on dribbling and communication skills.

1v1 Shooting Races A fun shooting for kids of all ages, working on running with the ball, shooting, and defending.

Tiger Ball A fun dribbling and tackling game for ages U4 - U8

U9 to U19 Games  

4 Corners Shooting Game Dribbling and Shooting game, progressing to passing and decision making. 

1 v 1 Wars Fun battle game, working on dribbling, attacking, shooting and skills. 

Around the world Fun game incorporating dribbling, passing, receiving, and decision making. 

Team Wars Competitive fun game, working on team play, passing, dribbling, shooting and tactics.

Long Passing Square Longer passing drill for technique work on different types of passing and receiving

Rondos Passing and receiving drill that can be competitive and fun, great for all round enjoyment & competition

Horseshoes Fun competitive passing and receiving game

Passing and Receiving Fun competitive passing and receiving game

Combination Circle Circle work to improve passing and receiving skills. 

Long Passing and Shooting A technical drill to improve passing and shooting over various distances.

Passing Circle Technical drill to improve passing and receiving skills

18 Yard Box Game Attackers V Defenders game for competition, shooting, defending & fun

2v2 Defending A competitive session working on defending in pairs


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