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Recreational Referees

Only one referee will be assigned to any U8-U12 recreational match.   Additionally, please know we will not be assigning a referee to any U7 recreational match unless we have filled all U8 matches and above.  

As for the U7s, please understand that we want our coaches on the field at this age helping the players learn how to play the match and thus, if we do not have a referee available to cover any U7 match on Saturdays, we encourage the coaches to help teach the players the rules of the game by having coaches officiate the match on their respective ends of the field.  Please understand that our preference is to assign a certified referee to all U12 matches first, than all U11s, then all U10s, and then all U9s.  Once all U9 matches are filled, we will then proceed to assign either certified or non-certified referees to all U8 recreational matches. If and only if all U8 matches are assigned a referee, we will proceed to have a referee assigned to a U7 match.

U14 through U19 recreational matches will only have a center referee.




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