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Columbia United FC Academy Teams Get New Names

            Effective, February 1, 2007, our 22 Academy teams registered in the U9, U10, U11 and U12 age groups have been assigned a team identification name for registration, bookkeeping and internal club communication purposes.  The team identification name (TIN) has been created to make it easier on our club registrars and allow other club and state administrators to better identify any particular team at any given time.  For purposes of listing our teams in the Sandlapper and SCCL/PMSL U13 league tables and for purposes of listing our teams on tournament brackets, the gender term (i.e. Boys or Girls) will be dropped.  Additionally, we ask that our managers, coaches and administrators NOT use the “CUFC” acronym as it creates confusion with Charlotte United Futbol Club from North Carolina and with Cosmos United Futbol Club in Georgia which identify themselves as “CUFC”. Columbia United FC has also decided to eliminate use of the terms West and East in its team identification names.   
            Each Academy team’s TIN will start off with Club, Birth Year and Gender (i.e., Columbia United 97 Boys). Next, teams consisting primarily of Eastside players and/or which train on the Eastside will be next designated with the terms Blue, Black, Bronze and Beigeand teams consisting primarily of Westside players and/or which train on the Westside will be next designated as Red, White, Silver and Gray.  
            As such,  our Academy teams will, for example, be individually identified, registered and maintained in-house as Columbia United 97 Girls Blueand Sandlapper League, SCCL/PMSL administrators and tournament directors will be asked to list our Academy teams in those leagues and tournaments as Columbia United 97 Blue.  For purposes of cheering and the like, every team in our club is called "United".   During instances where our Academy teams are playing against each other, coaches, players and parents can additionally reference their team’s color designation.  
            As announced on the Select page of our website, a similar TIN approach, substituting in the terms "Elite",  "Palmetto" and "Crescent" for the color terms used in the Academy, is also being implemented, commencing with 2007/2008 team tryouts which begin on May 14, 2007. 
            Your adherence to this new TIN approach is most appreciated as it will make everyone’s job easier as our club continues to grow!  Go United!   
            The new TINs for each team are listed below:
U9 Boys Teams:
 Williams- Columbia United 97 Blue
 Simpson- Columbia United 97 Black
 Barber- Columbia United 97 Bronze
 Dawsey- Columbia United 97 Red
U9 Girls Teams:
 Ostrovsky- Columbia United 97 Blue
U10 Boys Teams:
 Lapin- Columbia United 96 Blue
 Clements- Columbia United 96 Black
 Yarussi- ColumbiaUnited 96 Red
 Patterson- Columbia United 96 White
U10 Girls Teams:
 Roth- Columbia United 96 Blue
 Haney- Columbia United 96 Red
U11 Boys Teams:
 Vallee- Columbia United 95 Blue
 Brandenburg- Columbia United 95 Black
 Henderson- Columbia United 95 Red
U11 Girls Teams:
 Smith- Columbia United 95 Blue
 Wilson- Columbia United 95 Black
 Bridges- Columbia United 95 Red
U12 Boys Teams:
 Haigler- Columbia United 94 Red
 McArthur- Columbia United 94 Blue
U12 Girls Teams:  
 Hartvigsen- Columbia United 94 Blue
 Harriford- Columbia United 94 Black
 Smith- Columbia United 94 Red

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