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Columbia United FC Select Teams Get New Names

             Commencing with May tryouts for the 2007-2008 season, Columbia United Select soccer teams in the U13 through U19 age groups shall no longer be identified as Elite, Challenge and Classic level teams. Instead, consistent with the club’s logo content and the honor our players have in representing the entire state of South Carolina in connection with regional, national and international events, Columbia United Select teams will now be identified using one of the following three terms: Elite, Palmetto or Crescent.   The new team identification naming (TIN) system has been created so as to make it easier on our club registrars and allow other club and state administrators to better identify any particular team at any given time.  In addition, it will make for more accurate internal club communication and will eliminate the confusion our initial Challenge and Classic designations created. 
             Each Select team's TIN will start off with Club, Birth Year and Gender (i.e., Columbia United 90 Boys. Next, depending on the number of teams formed in each age group and on the historical and/or anticipated competitiveness level of each, teams will be assigned the Elite, Palmetto or Crescent identifier. As such, assuming three teams are formed in the U16 Boys age group for the 2007-2008 season, the TINs for each will be Columbia United 90 Boys Elite, Columbia United 90 Boys Palmetto and Columbia United 90 Boys Crescent.  
             For purposes of listing our teams in the Region III Premier, South Carolina Challenge League and President’s Medal Soccer League tables and for purposes of listing our teams in tournament brackets, the gender term (i.e., Boys or Girls) will be dropped.  Additionally, while we cannot demand that others outside the club not use the acronym CUFC when referring to Columbia United teams, our managers, coaches and administrators are asked to refrain from using it as confusion can exist when our teams are competing in brackets alongside Charlotte United Futbol Club in North Carolina and Cosmos United Futbol Club in Georgia, each of which identify themselves as “CUFC”.  Accordingly, for league play, tournament play and informal team and club purposes, following the above U16 example, our teams will be listed and referred to as Columbia United 90 Elite, Columbia United 90 Palmetto and Columbia United 90 Crescent.    
            For purposes of team reference, cheering and the like, every team in our club is called "United".   During instances where our club’s teams are playing against each other, coaches, players and parents can additionally root for both “Uniteds”!   
            As announced on the Academy page of our website, a similar TIN approach, substituting the terms "Elite", "Palmetto" and "Crescent" with color terms has already been implemented.  Adherence to this new TIN approach is most appreciated as it will make our administrators’ jobs that much easier as your club continues to grows!  Go United!   

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