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Classic Cookie Orders Update (3-23-07)

Please remind parents that Classic Cookie representatives will deliver cookies on Saturday, March 24th beginning at 10:00 a.m. at both the Ballentine Park/BB&T Complex or Polo field. If you are from the East side and will be playing on the West side your cookies should be picked up at the Ballentine/BB&T Complex. If you are from the West side and will be playing on the East side your cookies will be at Polo. Any team playing at Summit, Northsprings or Fort Jackson, your cookies will be at Polo Road, so please pick them up at Polo. If you have more than one child playing on Saturday and have to be at the field for a long period of time, you may want to bring a cooler to put your cookies in.

Please check the Columbia United website for your teams volunteer assignment date(s) and picture schedule. Also, remember to send your division coordinator game scores each week.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our office at (803) 788-8925. Thank you. Jack Thompson


We have started taking orders for the Classic Cookie cookie dough fundraiser and the early results are encouraging. There have been many orders well into the teens but on average, we have 5 sales per participant which is great considering we’ve asked everyone to sell just 3.

We will be accepting orders all week but we ask that everyone who has not yet turned in an order form to sell at least 3 items, and furthermore, if everyone could sell just one more item each, it would make a huge difference to our end result.

We are really proud of the way everyone has jumped on board and is helping with this fundraising push and we look forward to seeing the final result.

The following are ways to make sure your orders are correctly received:

East Teams
a) Turn in to your coach who in turn gives to Age group Coordinators.
b) Give to Jack Thompson directly who will be at the Polo Complex every night this week and all day Saturday.
c) Drop by the Columbia United FC Office.
West Teams
a) Turn in to your coach who will in turn give to Age group coordinator.
b) Turn in directly to Rob Strickland who will be between Ballentine Park and the BB&T Complex Wednesday from 6pm-9pm and Thursday from 5:30pm-7pm.
c) Drop off at the BB&T Complex concession stand before 5pm on Sat March 17th.
Once again thanks for all your help!
Rob Strickland & Jack Thompson

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