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Instructions for Signing up for SC United Monticello Athletic Performance Class

Instructions for Signing up for SC United Monticello Athletic Performance Class

SCUFC Prisma Agreement


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                             Contact:  Rob Strickland
December 7, 2021                                                              Executive Director


South Carolina United FC and Prisma Health Apex Athletic Performance agree to a multi-year partnership for soccer specific athletic performance training.


COLUMBIA, SC -- South Carolina United FC (SCUFC) and Prisma Health Apex Athletic Performance have agreed to a multi-year partnership agreement for soccer specific athletic performance training, further expanding the partnership between South Carolina’s largest hospital system and the most comprehensive provider of soccer programming in the state.


“As the Executive Director of South Carolina United FC, I am extremely pleased to announce our expanded partnership with Prisma Health, adding additional services beyond the onsite Athletic Training and Rehabilitation services currently provided. Apex Athletic Performance will add another key component in our quest in providing the most complete soccer athletic support services in our state. Apex is a leader in our community in the use of research-supported athletic development and is able to address the specific needs of soccer athletes as they grow and develop, including strength training, speed development and addressing nutritional needs.”


The partnership provides the South Carolina United FC membership with professional athletic performance training that is geared specifically toward the competitive soccer player. With a combination of free group classes, as well as a fee-based small group class option, the players of SCUFC will have the opportunity to further enhance and develop their soccer speed and agility.


The classes will be held at the state-of-the-art SCUFC Sorinex Weight Room located at the Southeastern Freight Lines Soccer Complex (off Monticello Road) and directed by the professional staff of Prisma Health Apex Athletic Performance.

Players will be able to book classes online via the Prisma Health Apex Athletic Performance app. Instructions will be provided to the membership.


The curriculum has been developed by Stephen Venugopal, Apex Athletic Performance Sports Performance Manager, in collaboration with SCUFC Technical Director, Lee Morris, thus ensuring that the work in the Sorinex Weight Room complements the technical and tactical training provided by SCUFC soccer coaches.


Zlatan, Messi, Ronaldo, Salah, Pogba, Modric, De Bruyne, Kante. What do all these names have in common? They play the same game, soccer, and they are the best in the world at what they do. However, all of these individuals have extreme differences in their body types and builds. Some are small, and some are tall. Yet, all of them have figured out how to use their unique bodies to play soccer at the highest level. All of them find ways to create space on offense and close the space on defense. Since each player is so physically different, they require specific training programs tailored to their body, position, and needs. A specific training program can help ensure the athletes consistently perform at the highest level while decreasing the risk of injury.


For growing and developing athletes, consistent coaching of the individual player is imperative for success. As athletes hit growth spurts, specific adjustments and coaching cues must be utilized to optimize their development and reduce the risk of injury. At Apex, we use individualized programs designed to meet every athlete's exact specification, sport, body, skills, and needs. We focus on developing a wide range of gross motor skills at the youth level to lay the foundation for sophisticated movement patterns. We aim to create a lifelong love of movement, play, and competition. As athletes develop into the competitive age, we hone their movement skills with a more specific skill set development and address the many growth and maturation issues. Then, as athletes continue to the college and even the professional level, we increase our recovery techniques, utilization of load, and complexity of movement skills to match their needs.

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