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SC BLUE Healthy Living

South Carolina BLUE Retail Centers is committed to helping families build healthy lifestyles and encouraging children to live healthy at a young age. 

Healthy Living Tips from South Carolina BLUE Retail Center

Eat Right

Reduce your chances of heart disease with a heart healthy diet. Even small changes in your diet can help!


Get up and get moving toward a healthier lifestyle with these simple challenges and tips.

Listen to Your Heart

Ask your heart how it’s doing - you might be surprised by what it has to say! Get started by checking your blood pressure and learning ways to control it.

SC BLUE Healthy Living Section

The SC BLUE Healthy Living Section is created for players, parents, and families as a resource for getting the most up to date information on helping players perform to their full potential.  The links on the left will guide you into sections on Healthy Road Trips, Tips for Hitting the Drive Thru, Preventive Care, Proper Hydration and Year Round Nutrition.



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